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Mopheth Pharmacy wants to do more than sell drugs, we believe in the total health of every individual. We also understand that there are some areas in need of extra attention. We at Mopheth Pharmacy are pleased to offer additional services to meet the needs of our customers.
These services are carried out in our store based on walk-ins or appointments. Kindly leave your details and specify what service you want and a member of the Mopheth team will get in contact with you.  You could also walk into any of our outlets for more information.

Whether it is fashionable sunglasses or prescription glasses, we have got it covered.
Come into our store today or Call for more information

Maintaining a healthy weight can often be difficult but Mopheth Pharmacy can help you achieve your weight loss goals
For tailored weight management advice, diet plans, supplements and support, pop into any Mopheth Pharmacy for a free, confidential chat about your goals and plans.
We offer a wide range of weight loss aids that can help you to achieve your goals.

Sleep is an essential part of life and so we understand the frustration that comes with the lack of it due to various factors.
Mopheth Pharmacy team is dedicated to ensure that you get a good night sleep, restore your sleep pattern and improve your energy level.
We offer a wide range of stress relievers and sleep aids

We all have different concerns with our hair. Mopheth Pharmacy has partnered with Nature Gentle Touch institute to offer you this service. A consultant trichologist will be available once every 2 weeks to answer any questions you might have.
WE offer a wide range of hair products click here to shop online

In partnership with Laserderm Clinic, Mopheth Pharmacy brings you this excellent service. A dermatologist comes in once a week to our outlets at Lekki and VI to offer professional advice. This service is offered on a walk- in basis or by appointment. The services offered include: acne, hair removal, skin rejuvenation and so much more.
We offer a wide range of skin products that can help achieve and maintain the perfect skin

We understand how difficult it is to give up a habit. Mopheth Pharmacy would love to be of help. Giving up smoking comes with numerous health benefits.
Our free Stop Smoking Service supports you every step of the way – whether it’s planning to cut down or helping you once you quit.
If you don’t want to speak to someone face to face, Call in store to speak to a Pharmacist on how to help relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

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