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Mopheth Group. is a Nigerian organization unique in her divine foundation with a world class culture. At Mopheth, we do not believe in just providing the best of services and products, we believe in building a workforce that is highly professional and of international standard.

We are an organization with a coherent corporate culture that promotes efficiency and profitability. We understand the meaning of our values and translate them into actions that surpass the expectation of all our stakeholders. Particularly we have taken it upon ourselves to be the dependable organization that keeps striving for excellence in all our activities.

- As a dynamic organization that is destined for greatness, Mopheth has some believes that are irrevocable and constitutes the foundation of Mopheth. All staffs should bear this in mind when carrying out their various duties.

We believe in GOD: God is our main foundation in this organization. We put him first in everything we do and we lift him up in every possible way through what we do.

We believe in EXCELLENCE: Our goods and services must be of the highest standard.
From our dressing to our greetings, to the way we attend to customers, and all our print materials, all must be without flaws.

We believe in LOYALTY: Staff’s total commitment, dedication and allegiance to Mopheth cannot be compromised.

We believe in INTEGRITY: Honesty, reliability and moral soundness are our watch words. Offering and receiving of bribe will not be condoned.

We believe in EQUITY: Mopheth will be known for fairness, justice, impartiality and lack of discrimination.

We believe in INNOVATION: Mopheth staffs are free to challenge the status quo. Mopheth is open to new creative ideas from anyone and will implement the idea provided it is better than what is already in operation.

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